Monday, May 20, 2013

Miracles DO Happen!

Every moment -really! 

Every breath- truly!

Another one just happened!! An amazing piece of news; 

Rav Itamar Schwartz will iyH be giving us a monthly shiur for every Rosh Chodesh!

I am so thankful to Hashem for this opportunity.

Now, as we continue to learn his seforim and others, we can have our questions ready to ask!!!!

We will iyH be resuming our learning together.  The first time we meet we will review Da es Atzmecha, Bilvavi 1 and Bilvavi 2 (half the sefer), and In Forest Fields (half the sefer).  

Our plan is to finish Bilvavi 2, In Forest Fields, and begin Jewish Meditation by  Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan.

Here is the way the thirty minute chaburah will work iyH;
1. The first ten minutes we will learn Bilvavi 2.  
What is emunah on a deep level?

2.The second ten minutes will be In Forest Fields. 
How do we speak out loud to Hashem and make the emunah alive?

3. The third ten minutes will be Jewish Meditation.  
How do we quiet our thoughts so we can sense and listen to our neshama?

Stay tuned for numbers and, aviva rus

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