Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Parshas Shlach - Good Shabbos!

In his shiur on parsha, Rav Cable, discusses how the sin of the meraglim was "essentially that they failed to properly balance bitachon (belief) and hishtadlus (effort)".

THAT is exactly what we are learning together.  How can we have total bitachon that it is all from Hashem and at the same time take the appropriate steps to achieve a relationship with Him?

There are two directions, both wrong, that one can go in, without learning the Torah we are learning together.  Either, one may say, "well Hashem is doing it all, so why should I do anything?"  Or, one may say, "Oh my, I have so much left to do", and forget that Hashem does the results!

The proper direction, and the one we are striving to discover within our own relationship to Hashem, creates balance between the two.  We are learning what true emunah is (Hashem is connecting with us every second to have a relationship with us!) and at the same time learning how to take the most important steps we can ever take, in order to show Hashem how much we want to experience a deep relationship with him (hisbodedus/hisbonenus)- to the point that we never feel lonely for we sense He is with us with every breath we take.

Remember that the high spiritual feeling is not the main point.  That is a gift from Hashem, when it fills us up.  Rather, the main point is the relationship, and the uncovering of who we really are (a pure neshama) as we strive to come closer and closer to Hashem.

Hint: Look at your thoughts, feelings, actions, and speech and see where western culture has infiltrated- i.e,  if when you are in a calm state, impure thoughts fill your mind, that is a clue that there is more work to do.

Finally, the Sifsei Tzadik (taken from Divrei Chaim blog) states that we "see best from the dark", meaning the most growth and closeness takes place when we have to push through darkness.  

Our job is to see the light in ourselves and others, so much so, that we become like Moshe Rabbeinu who told Hashem to wipe his name from the Torah if He does not forgive Bnai Yisrael."  He was willing to die if need be, so that the lights he saw in Klal Yisrael would not be extinguished!

If you see my light, and I see yours, so clearly, then our thoughts, speech, and actions, should surely coincide with complete kiddush Hashem and herald the geulah.

love, aviva rus

(sorry for the lengthy email - it's all things i wanted to say on the call, but ran out of time. ;)

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