Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Received from Chicago:

As many of you know it is an auspicious time to stay seated by the candles and daven for about half-an-hour...

There are various Minhagim as to which  Tehillim to recite after kindling the Neiros Chanukah.  As noted from various emails received over the past couple of days,  perhaps the most well-known to be recited:

Tehillim 90 (last pasuk - 7 times, as per Ramban) and Tehillim 91 (7 times, as per Rivash) - read 7 times aloud, and once more (8th time), silently. 
Then, Tehillim 30, 33, 67 ,19, 100, 133, 139
R' Levi Yitzchak M'barditchev in the name of the Ramban and the Ba'al Shem Tov - as a segulah for a protection for the coming year.
(Sefer Kedushat Levi L'Chanukahh, Sefer Halichot Yosef 676:4, Yesod V'shoresh Hoavodah 12:1)

Some add- Tehillim kappitel 121, Nishmas Kol
Chai, and Ana B'choach (7 times).
(Sefer Halichos Yosef 676:4, Yesod V'shoresh Ha’avodah 12:1)

As per Hakhel: Some additionally recite all of Kepitel 119, and all of the Shir HaMa’alos (120-134). When reciting Chapter 67, some recite it as it is published in the form of a Menorah, ahl pi kabbalah. Finally, some recite the powerful Shiras Chana (Shmuel I, 2:1-10).

May Hashem hear all of our tefillos l'tova.

A Freilichin Chanukah / Chanukah Sameach!

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