Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Chag sameach!

Thank you Nomi for sending this my way:

The Kedushas Levi says that each night of chanuka is mesugal for different things to daven for.
1 st night -not to be lonely or depressed.

2nd night- shidduchim,  shalom bayis

3rd night- good children,happy children, healthy
(Chasam  Sofer says when u cry in front of the candles u can be sure your tefilos are answered)

4th night- 4 imahos
To be a normal  woman, in my 4 walls, of true essence

5th night - chamisha chumshei  torah
Daven your husband should be a talmid chacham children.
By the 5th night more of the menorah is lit up can daven for more light in your life, for a revelation

6th night - simcha
You can have everything and still be sad, so opportunity to daven for simcha.

7th night -happy shabbos

Zmiros ,divrei torah by your seuda. Shabbos is source of all bracha.

8th nignt-mesugal for barren women
8 is above nature,  powerful day to daven.

Kedushas Levi says if you are planning to start something new ,if you start on chanuka it will be blessed.

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