Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pesach Inspiration....

Below are two beautiful ideas to inspire our Pesach in a shiur given by Rav Doniel Katz:

 two short excerpts from last Sundays webinar "The Hidden Structure of The Pesach Seder". The full video is out tomorrow.

Enjoy and share!


EXCERPT ONE: G-d Is In The Details

EXCERPT TWO: Don't Panic, Everything Will Be B'Seder

Here is something to inspire us every moment of our lives:

Thank you, Daniella, for sending this!

Hello everybody and welcome to Inspiration Daily. 

I just heard an incredibly beautiful story that I want to share with you. As many of you know, there were two young ladies that went missing on Shabbos. B"H they were found. But on Motzei Shabbos there was a group of men who set out from Boca Raton to go to Orlando to help in the search for these two young ladies. Someone rented a very large van, and a bunch of people pull up at three o'clock in the morning so they can help find these girls. All of a sudden, a fellow in a wheelchair comes to the search van along with everyone else. The driver of the van looks at him and says, "I am so sorry. I don't have a handicap van. I can't take you along on the search". He said, "I know that". The driver said, "You know that?" And he said, "Yeah. But I said to myself, I have to do whatever I can. And I can come up to the van. That is what I can do. Maybe I cannot get on to the van, and maybe I can't even help with the search. But I have to do what I can do. And so I came here because that's as far as I can go".

The fellow, the driver of the van told over the story, as he was crying and overwhelmed with emotion to see such mesiras nefesh; such unbelievable devotion and dedication from one Jew to another. It needs to serve as a mussar haskil for all of us. We need to do whatever we can. There are no excuses in this world for not trying. There is no doubt in my mind, that it is partially because of his mesiras nefesh that these girls were found. It is because he did his utmost that the Ribono Shel Olam says, "You know what? I'll take over from here. I'll make the rest happen". And B"H the two girls were saved.

There are a lot of people to help. There are many Jews who need help, and we can't do everything for everyone. But we can do the most that we can do. No more excuses. Let's get to it. Have a great day and a great rest of your week.

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