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from last year and some new added thoughts- seder night:

Ahavas Yisrael is the secret of the final redemption. 

Ahavas Yisrael is really when your soul has a redemption – when you leave yourself!! 

In other words, there is a kind of personal redemption in which you leave your inner imprisonment, and then there is another kind of redemption – when you leave your “I”. This is when you leave your ego for the sake of integrating with the rest of the Jewish people.

Thus, the beginning of redemption is to redeem our feelings. We need to first leave the materialism – the “bricks and mortar” – and enter the world of spirituality. 

The second part of our redemption, which is the purpose, is to reach our masculine kind of daas – the revelation of unity on the world; in other words, to nullify your “I.” (Bilvavi)

Zohar: Matzoh is the food of healing - it's vitamins that fill us with emunah. Matzoh has the power to erase any doubts(Rav Aharon Weinberg, nesivos;pesach)

It is a night of above nature nissim.  We are above malachim on this night! It is the Rosh Hashana for emunah! Avnei Nezer says that if a person has the teshuka (desire) to change on this night, Hashem makes it happen. (Rav Aharon weinberg)

Sfat Emet says in the name of Maharal "anyone who acts k'ilu- as though- on this night will have his/her 'as though' become their reality" (Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi)

----have a clear idea of what your 'as though' looks like =something that you want to be redeemed that you can feel and sense Hashem with deep emunah.

Our greatest feelings of pleasure come from this sensation of emunah coursing through our souls and body, unifying the two to serve Hashem and thereby, express our love back to Him, as a refelction of His love for us.

Chag Kasher Vesameach

Love, aviva rus

(I don't know where all the information below is taken from- some is from Rabbanit Mizrachi and Orit Ritter)
    While preparing the seder plate talk to Hashem and pray to Him:

–           Marror: Hashem may it be Your will that we will be surrounded by sweetness

–           Egg: may it be Your will that we will have wonderful simchas to celebrate

–           Zaroa: save me with Your kind hand from harm

–           Charoset: sweeten the sorrows and sadness

•          While preparing the table, ask for parnassa.

•          There is a segula to say the special tefillah of Rebbi Shimshon M’Astropoli ztk’l on erev Pesach which is found in the Pesach siddur.  Those that say this special prayer will be saved from 10 harsh decrees this year, r”l.

•          During Kiddush at the seder the Chofetz Chaim zt’l brings down that all of your deceased relatives come to hear Kiddush with you.  Feel their closeness and presence.  This is a special time to ask for your soulmate.

•          First cup of wine represents Sarah Imeinu, second cup represents Rivkah, third cup represents Rachel Imeinu ask for parnassa and fourth cup represents Leah.

•          While eating the celery think about the hatred that still lies within our own nation.  Sinas chinam (baseless hatred) was the main cause that lead our nation into slavery, because of Yoseph’s brothers’ hatred and jealousy.

•          מה נשתנה:
during this time ask Hashem for something that has gone unanswered in the past.  Beseech Hashem’s blessing in a way of a story not a request, “Hashem why is this night different from other nights??  I thought that this night I would have be married, I would have…..  I sway from place to place and nothing has changed.”

•          יחץ: 
ask Hashem to complete that which is missing in your life
Say the hagaddah out loud and each word; this repairs the lashon hara that we’ve spoken.

•          רחצה
we ask Hashem that we and our daughters should serve Him with purity and keep all of the laws of purity/ taharat hamishpacha.

•          Matzah
it is the bread of refuah.  We ask Hashem to heal us mentally and physically.  “Hashem please remove any sickness within me.”

•          מרור כורך
we ask Hashem to surround our bitterness with sweetness.  Even though we feel bitterness through trials and tribulations, “Hashem allow me to feel your everlasting kindness and good.”

•          צפון:  we ask, “Hashem please grant me presents that I never imagined I will ever receive…” Specify.

•          ברך: “May it be Your will Hashem that I should always have the zechut to thank you and recognize all of the good that you do for me.  Just as I request from you parnassa, may I merit to thank you in the same way that I ask you to give me.”

•          חצות הלילה, chatzot halayla, usually around 12:41 am on the evening of the seder and also on the last evening of Pesach.  

These are very special times, where the gates of heaven are open and many bad decrees can be annulled and prayers can be answered more readily.

Try to sing שיר השירים at this time it is a time of great love and connection to Hashem.   On the last day of Pesach, at this time pray for shidduchim, parnassa, and health from sickness.  They are likened to kriat yam suf (the opening of the Sea of Reeds) this is the exact time when Hashem split the sea.

Beautiful shiur I just listened to-
Rabbanit Amit Yaghoubi called Pesach: Crying Waters - What to Think About When Eating Matzah

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