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Tuesday at 9:45 am NY time

IyH we will be continuing Bilvavi 2, chapter 9 and In Forest Fields pages 77-81

The call in number is : 530-881-1200
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Bilvavi 2; chapter 9: For You are with Me.

Our avodah: integrating the knowledge of Hashem in our hearts

  1. contemplate the fact that Hashem created each thing (one by one) then verbalize the thought: Hashem, You created this object, it didnt get here by itself.
  2. Set aside time each day devoted to contemplation and remind yourself hourly of Hashem as our infinite Creator of all.
How do we know when we can move further in our avodah?

Our soul “demands the remembrance” rather than external factors. We will begin to feel a “sense of vitality from our faith”.(64)

If you get vitality from other things and emunah is still information that doesnt excite you, not ready to progress. “But after you have been privileged to live with the knowledge of the Creator and your soul demands to continually live with it, you may progress to the next stage.”(64)

The next stage is being able to answer these questions:

  1. What are the attributes of Hashem and how do they relate to me? (not answered yet)

  2. Where is He found? Hashem is everywhere: shivisi Hashem l'negdi tamid: but we can't see Him, so we need emunah for this, our avodah is “to reach true awareness that Hashem is with us in the room.. with each person..wherever you are.

How do I awaken my soul to this simple awareness that Hashem is with me =present right now?

First stop being so focussed on yourself, because then you can naturally sense Hashem.

Then through SPEECH- say out loud: 

“I don't see You, but I believe that You are right here” (68)- it must emerge from the depths of your soul and not your intellect...inner feeling of emunah that Hashem is here- although you don't feel it yet, the soul trust Chazal who taught Hashem is present”(68)

see examples that follow

Homework: set a timer to contemplate and speak to Hashem, (Rav Schwartz recommends an hour a day :-O

and every day recite:“I don't see You, but I believe that You are right here” if you are not sensing His presence.

In Forest Fields 77-81:

Chapter 2: For I am Compassionate

Basic foundation of emunah: Hashem's mercy

(aramaic word for prayer: rachmei= Hebrew word for mercy)

The purpose of creation is so Hashem can express His infinite mercy (Zohar) so the main aspect of emunah is to believe in Hashem's mercy.

This emunah will lead to joy and recognition of truth.

Hashem listens to the cry  of all suffering people who call out to Him, even if they are not righteous.

He gives us a wallet "full of spiritual credit cards" and says use them, call my name and receive whatever you need"

What stops us??? Yetzer hara- see page 80 for all excuses it comes up with.  

See page 81 for what words to use to speak to Hashem if you are stuck.

Wehn we strengthen ourselves in emunah, believe in Hashem's mercy, we will begin to see huge miracles....amen!!! geulah please Hashem...

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