Thursday, October 25, 2012

Good Shabbos!!!

Parsha Lech Lecha:

There are three steps we must take in order to feel Hashem right next to us.  They are hinted to in the three places Avraham is told to leave:

1. me'artzecha(from your land- acquired habits): 

change the power of desire that is natural in us, such as eating, from  unconscious doing to conscious= doing it l'sheim shamayim (for the sake of His name).  This will bring us to fear of Hashem (yiras Hashem).

2. me'moloditicha(where you were born-inborn traits)

uproot negative midos you are born with from day one (i.e., anger, sadness) and use them only in order to serve Hashem.  This will bring you to feel love of Hashem (ahavas Hashem).

3. M'beis Avicha( from your fathers house)

Find your own unique connection to Hashem.  It may be in a different way than the household you grew up in achieved it.  Take pleasure in your newfound connection to Hashem. This will bring us Tiferes/ harmony in your life.

 (Noam Elimelech- lech lecha)

This is our goal: uplift every moment with kedusha and sanctify His name so we can feel the true pleasure of deveikus to Him.  

What we are learning together is our tool box to use in order to bring the geulah from within. AMEN!

Thanks for an amazing week of chaburahs! I really enjoyed every minute and love you!

aviva rus


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