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Tuesday Outline for Bilvavi 2 and In Forest Fields

(Part of todays class was recorded: 530-881-1299 access code: 1091004##): our avodah for this week is to do the contemplation and hisbodedus- see avodah page. Next week, I can't meet but IyH the following week we will begin chapter 8 in Bilvavi 2 and pages 77-81 In Forest Fields.

It was amazing hearing you live today!!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me.
Love, aviva rus
Bilvavi 2

Chapter VII: The Way to Sense Hashem's Existence

practical guidelines:45
Rema begins his commentary on shulchan Aruch (code of Jewish law)with the pasuk shivisi Hashem l'negdi Tamid: I place Hashem before me at all times: this is one of the essential practices of tzadikim who walk before Hashem always- awareness of His presence together with the study of Torah.

To feel Hashem in our heart
  1. dedicate a quiet hour for contemplation, using question and answer format (Avraham Avinu-”I am in this world, how did I get here?) until the answer is deep from your heart: there is a Creator who created me!
  2. Do it everyday often (print up card and attach it where you see it often- every half hour= this will give you da'as to the idea, a real connection to it)
  3. Be patient, results are never instant, no rush, Hashem sends us what we need when we need...

In Forest Fields
Pg 69-75

The truly straight path:virtue of personal prayer: self evaluation and confession of sin (daily soul searching and teshuva=fine tune ourselves in this way)- brings clarity so you know which way you're going in life.

Baal Teshuva:

1. the more we speak to Hashem each day, the faster we will see the geulah
  1. and the more we will effect change all around, a ripple effect to others so they begin seeking a relationship with Hashem.
  2. bring happiness!- “uncorrected transgressions are like lead curtains around our soul...they block Hashem's light”70
Page 71: Rebbe Nachman's letter to us, read out loud

  1. as soon as we call to Hashem, He drops everything else and listens to us- saves the world from calamity
  2. we were created to live a life of emunah and closeness to Hashem- personal prayer gives us both.
  3. “when we judge ourselves, and confess to Him, He always forgives.” 75
yh will fight this tooth and nail
End of Chapter 1

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