Monday, August 13, 2012

Guess what?

We are resuming our chaburah next week, IYH! 

I've been thinking about why the geulah is not here yet.

We are learning how much Hashem loves us and about the unique task each of us is given to accomplish. must be that He is allowing us the time to accomplish it.

Our clue, that we are achieving what we are supposed to be; a feeling of connection, deveikus, to Hashem, and great pleasure.

My dear chaburah mates, don't give up hope, rather cling to it, and become the giant that you are.  (Ignore all yetzer hara thoughts, feelings, and actions and ask Hashem to remove them)

I heard a great shiur today by Rabbi Wachsman.  He calls each of us a Sinai Yid, the person you were when you stood at Har Sinai recieving the Torah.  That is who you are! 

I am so happy we have a bit more time to choose to BE our highest self.  Together iyH, we will bring down the obstacles that are blocking our final redemption.

love, aviva rus

ps. see below for what the month of Av has the power to unleash within you (taken from perek shira)

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