Monday, July 16, 2012

Tuesday, 9:45 am chaburah: Bilvavi 2 and In Forest Fields


The call in number is : 530-881-1200
access code; 1091004#

Our avodah this past week was:
listen to someone who truly speaks from his soul and find a way to speak gentle words on your own

continue one minute or more of personal speech to Hashem, daily.

and to read chapter six in Bivavi 2 and pages 67-70 In Forest Fields

Chapter 6: Gentle words Flow from Inner Clarity

Returning to Hashem through an awakening from above:

-emunah is the foundation of all the mitzvos
-emunah is in the heart, awareness of Hashem's existence (as aware of hand and foot)
-the soul possesses this awareness, and yearns for its partner, Hashem

So: our main work in emunah is a clear recognition that Hashem is bound with our souls and is our source of holiness.

How do we access this awareness?

(the Jewish people are considered female and Hashem the male, in gemara Kiddushin states that the male seeks out the female, that is the proper way)

The source of the search must be an awakening from above- returning too our tru condition, uncovering our true essence, this is real teshuva (return, repentance;39)

How do we awaken this state?

  1. gentle words: soul suffices with simple gentle words that have a high degree of clarity- it wants the holiness so words to guide it is all it needs, no yelling necessary.
  2. Clear words: “soul comes from a clear world, take the simplest facts and repeat them, not with intellectual analysis, but with a basic understanding that these are true facts.”
  3. know what you are pondering is true- Hashem breathes in you the soul of life
  4. review this idea until it is clear and seems absolutely true


In Forest Fields:

Ask ourselves, what's the point of all the bodily lusts? to bring us to self evaluation which Rav Nachman says is self composure.

Daily self evaluation is an opportunity to take stock of our thoughts, speech, and actions, and see where we can do teshuva and see what is good for ourselves.

Ramchal states, otherwise we are stuck in a maze of  paths trapping us, we have no clarity which is the path to take.

He says to set aside time to take a good look at ourselves, and begin to purify our deeds, and character, and in this way realize our personal potential. (68)

Rebbe Nachman says with self evaluation and confession of sin to Hashem every day, achieve true soul correction, because Hashem guides you to it, and fulfill your mission here on earth.

To be a true Baal Teshuva, need to do teshuva daily, and an hour a day of personal prayer then hastens the geulah!!! (70) "angels are created from one's personal prayers, and implant desire in others to seek Hashem"

Rambam says we don't need to expose our faults to anyone, just between Hashem and you.

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