Thursday, July 12, 2012

Good Shabbos!

Parshas Pinchas:

Who was Pinchas?

Well, according to what we are learning, we would say a pure neshama, with his own special light, a gift from Hashem, to shine into the world.

It says in the Pasuk (Bamidbar, 25;7) that Pinchas "rose from amid the congregation" (Miriam Aflalo cites Rav Meir Robman, Zichron Meir to explain these words as:) Pinchas was one of the masses, but Hashem gave him clarity on the halacha, and Pinchas rose to do Hashem's will, thereby shining his unique light.

We all have a special quality to bring to this world.  That's why we are here.  Hashem gives us the opportunity to use it at the right moments.  Even if it takes a neis to make it happen.  In fact, Hashem made Moshe forget the halacha, so that Pinchas could shine and be zoche (worthy) to become a kohen. (Rashi)

What can we see from this? We just have to have the desire to do Hashem's will and to shine our light in the world, and Hashem will take care of the details!

Have a beautiful Shabbos- holy women- and thank you for sharing your light with me. ;-)

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