Saturday, March 7, 2020


  This Purim may be physically different than usual.
However, spiritually it will be consistent.  Corona means crown and that's what this chag is all about, crowning Hashem and choosing to keep the Torah from a space of love (not fear).

There is a power to tefila on Taanis Esther and Purim.  Our gedolim are requesting an increase in our Tehillim and Tefila on Taanis Esther for the "decree to be removed from us and the entire world".  Additionally, on Taanis Esther-Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi recommends reciting kapitel 22 for seven times, to pierce the 7 heavens.  After each repetition ask for something in the merit of Mordechai and Esther.

We are taught to pray the megila as if it is happening right now in our lives.  When we say amen to the bracha of listening to the megila- which has the root gilui (revelation) -we should think of a revelation we need in our own lives when we say amen.  This revelation is then a shaloch manos from Hashem to us.  Every time we see haman's name we should think of a trouble in our lives and hang the troubles with haman. (Rav Ziskind)

 If we follow Esther and her rise to power- we can see how she changes and find this evolution of growth in our own lives (listen to Tamar Taback for more on this).

Finally, the Purim seuda is a time for returning to Hashem completely.  The power of tefila at this point is that of neila on Yom Kippur.

Please join us in finishing the sefer Tehillim two times, on Taanis Esther and then on Purim.  Thank you Reitza Sarah for making this possible.  In the zchus of our tefilos, may the inner and outer geulah arrive and may all the suffering end.

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