Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Making it really real (really!:)

"The bottom line is to reach your essence. This series guides you step by step in the process how Reaching Your Inner Redemption. Thank you my dear friend Shuli for pointing this out to me."

Bringing Him home- the geulah from within…the time is now.  

We are prepared for this- all the learning we have done together to date is now ready to be breathed into us and through us, so that every step we take is a step with Him.  IYH.

Let’s follow Rav Schwartz’s book to search for any details we may still need to incorporate. 

Thank you for joining and creating a wave of movement to IYH end this mageifa and reveal His light in ways we all perceive as good.

The bottom line for us- dear chaburah sisters -is that we began this journey many years ago and now it’s time to take it home - make it as real as it can be for each of us - every day for 10- 20 minutes there will be a zoom call that will follow the method delineated by Rav Schwartz to achieve the geulah from within. 

Lunch hour may work best for most of us. 12-12:20  

You can read along with what we will be learning by pressing on “reaching your inner redemption” above. 

Please email me  if you want the zoom number. 

Thank you,

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