Monday, August 14, 2017

Inner Redemption By Rav Schwartz!

Thank you for expressing an interest in this amazing opportunity to learn with Bilvavi author Rav Itamar Schwartz, Shlit”a in our upcoming INNER REDEMPTION SERIES.
This 4TH monthly phone chaburah, meets every first Sunday of every chodesh at 8:00 pm IST; 1:00 pm EST. Our first meeting will be September 17th. Class is always on Sunday. I always let everyone know a few days in advance to remind them of upcoming class.
Cost for the upcoming round of 12 classes is $180. ($15 per class)
» All classes will be recorded and are available via phone playback or mp3 recording for your listening convenience.
If you do not have access to internet, recordings will also be available on Kol Loshon’s phone service with a special access code for chaburah members only.
» Audio file w/ english translation will be posted within 1 day on the site.
» English transcript will be available within 3 days on the site.
» Hebrew only audio version will also be available within 3 days on the site.
This is a closed chaburah. Therefore, all recordings, mp3 links and access numbers are for the express review purposes of those registered for the chaburah and should not be forwarded to anyone who is not registered. Upon confirmation, you will receive the access numbers for the live classes to come and all recordings of classes you might have missed.
Please note: according to poskim, the cost of the chabura is 100% maaserable as the proceeds are going directly toward the publishing of the author's sefarim.
Format of the Class
The Rav will be speaking in hebrew accompanied by english translation throughout the course of the shiur. The Rav will speak on the topic for 45 minutes. Then we will open up the call to the women to ask the Rav questions for 30 minutes. Know in advance that your questions (via recording) will be made available to whoever registers. All questions should be focused and specific to the topic at hand and one minute only will be allotted to ask each question. Click here for a sample recording from our last INNER SILENCE chaburah with Rabbi Schwartz.

To confirm your registration for the chaburah, please follow one of the payment options below
Online Payment
A Paypal account has been set up to receive registration. Anyone wanting to pay via Paypal/credit card should go to: ; account name is: . Please make sure to save your Paypal receipt for future reference. Anyone paying via Paypal, add $8 to cover the extra processing costs that paypal automatically takes off the top of each payment. This should be done as one payment.
Payment by Check
Checks sent in the US are tax deductible should be made payable to: “Yeshivas Radin” and mailed to: c/o Rabbi Zvi Cohen, 14 N Crest Place, Lakewood, NJ 08701
Once you have put the check in the mail or paid via paypal, reply to At this point you are considered “confirmed” and you will receive the recordings and access codes and dial-in information to be a part of this live and interactive opportunity to learn with Rabbi Schwartz. Register before September 1st and receive a FREE bonus ebook: “The Best of Bilvavi.”
If anyone has any questions that I did not address above, please email me at:
If you did not register on the site, then we need the following info: Last name: __________________________________________________
First name: __________________________________________________ Email: ______________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________________________

City: _______________________________________________________ Country: ____________________________________________________ How did you hear of this series? _________________________________
This can be faxed to: +972 3-548-0529 | or in Israel to 03-548-0529 Additional info: USA 973.484.9396 | Israel 02-930-9965 

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