Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Taken from a shiur by Rabbi Kalish:

In Adar we are told to be marbim b'simcha (Increased happiness)... Since there is no measurement - it must mean unlimited simcha (happiness/joy)... because of the amazing miracles.  How do we have joy with no bounds??

And, why only in Adar? Nisan and Kislev had awesome nissim (miracles)too- why not marbim b'simcha in those months??

Furthermore, what is Taanis Esther all about (Esther actually fasted in Nissan)- all the other fasts are due to the  terrible outcomes....so it makes sense to fast when there was a terrible tragedy that took place, but we were saved with Esther!

Last year we learned a concept- that when we give over Torah in the name of who we learned it from, we bring a spark of geulah to the world (Rabbi Shwartz- Inner Redemption).

In the megilah we see this concept.  The geulah came from Esther saving Achashveirosh- in the name of Mordechai.  Why does this concept bring the geulah?

There's also a recommendation to send a shaloch manos through a shaliach- messenger- why?  to trace it back to the shaliach- discover the hidden...

In the megilah we don't see Hashem's name- it's HIDDEN!

The yesod (foundation) of the simcha of Adar is the nistar- the hiddeness of Hashem REVEALED..the idea is to discover Hashem- to see all the things we think as bad and find Hashem in them.

If someone can trace everything back to Hashem it is limitless joy- one long life of uninterrupted joy. (no gevul- kulo simcha)- It means one has discovered Hashem.   Hashem seemed to be hiding in the story of Esther, but we found Him.

Taanis Esther is the yesod of tefilah; we got everything we asked for because we turned to Hashem!  The taanis before the yom is a celebration.  It all came from tefilah- returning to Hashem.  This taanis is actually part of the clebration- it's a yom simcha- discovery of Hashem and this joy explodes into the day of Purim -the joy of purim.

To have a simcha of ain lo gvul  (no boundaries) is to trace it all back to Hashem- this is the avodah on this month. 

Thank our Borei (creator) - thats the simcha.

Anyone who would like to join our chaburah at chatzos this Purim (Motzai Shabbos at 12 am) email me at aviva@aberman.net.

Have a Freilichen Purim.


Aviva Rus

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