Thursday, March 9, 2017


Please join in the Geulah From Within, 
Womens Purim Sefer Tehillim Project 5777
Our tefillos and achdus our powerful. 
Our goal is to complete sefer tehillim b'achdus this purim!

To open the sefer tehillim sheet for Purim
please right click on the link below, to open and sign up for 
the kapitel that you will be reciting on Purim ay"H. 

directly to add your name or with any questions. Tizku Lmitzvos!
Please share this email with women who you know would appreciate 

being included.

There are many kinds of barriers:
Barriers between people.
Barriers that prevent you from doing good things.
Barriers of your own mind and your own hesitations.
Barriers from within and barriers from without.
There are barriers that exist simply because you are a limited being.
Joy breaks down all barriers. (Rabbi Freeman)

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