Thursday, September 29, 2016

When the Shofar is blown

Hashem is literally blowing our neshama into us- close your eyes and feel it- then, offer it back up to Him- "Hashem. I offer it back to you- show me how to use it to me mamlich You- to make You my king".

Written by: Moshe Pruzansky:
Rosh Hashanah is known in the Torah as “Yom Teruah(Bamidbar 29:1). Do you know the definition Teruah? In Parshas Balak, Rashi defines the word Teruah as “love and friendship” with Hashem (Bamidbar 23:21). This is what Rosh Hashanah stands for. May we all sincerely re-devote ourselves to Hashem and rejoice at the great opportunity that we have to honor, coronate and reconnect with our KING.

Shana Tova!!

Aviva Rus

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