Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Exactly what we are learning...FUSION of our thoughts and feelings-

"This is the advantage we human beings have over the other mammals: 

Their brain and heart are on a single plane, but we stand erect, 
living in two planes at once.

We have a mind above, looking up to the stars, 
and from there all things begin. 
We have a heart below, 
pumping life into the mind’s vision and drawing it into the real world.

When their roles are lost, 
mind and heart become a marriage from hell. 
When they work in harmony, nothing can stand in their way."

From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Subscribe and get your dose daily. Or order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.

Review of the idea of our "I"- ego- (from the Inner Redemption handbook)

Tevet 10
Fast day. Selichot (p. 356). Avinu malkeinu (p. 277).
Torah lessons:
Chumash: Vayigash, Shishi with Rashi.
Tehillim: 55-59.
Tanya: Yet the vitality (p. 29)...of flesh and blood (p. 31).
From the Tzemach Tzedek's answer at yechidus: It is written, 
"Let the wicked leave his path and the man of sin his thoughts etc."1 
Aven (sin) is the same as on,2 meaning power and strength. 
Just as it is imperative that the "wicked leave his path," for without teshuva 
it is impossible to approach the Sacred,3 
so must the "man of strength," one with unshakeable confidence in his reasoning,
 "leave his thoughts." 
He is not to insist, "I say so. This is what I think;" 
every "I", ego, is a source of evil, a cause of divisiveness.

Yeshayahu 55:7.
In Hebrew spelling, but using a different vowel.
See Tanya Ch. 17, p. 73.

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