Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Outline of the final two chapters 13 and 14 of our handbook!!!

Reminder: We are IY'H meeting this motzai Shabbos at ten.  Shira emailed the phone numbers out.  Thank you Shira!

Chapter 13: Leaving the “Egypt” Within and Experiencing the True Redemption
(Adapted from Sefer Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh on Pesach)

(I am only outlining the part that is pertinent to our discussion of Geulah from Within- please see the whole chapter to understand how it ties in more completely to Pesach)

There are two kinds of da’as: a. feminine kind= da’as of feelings and b. masculine kind= da’as of the mind/ the expanded vision

(As we said in the chapter above yesterday) The inner way to look at reality is to see everything as one.  Thus, the redemption is all about unity/ achdus- the ability to leave the selfish “I” so that there is no divide between the individual and Hashem- self absorption prevents the revelation of unity.

How do we acquire this higher da’as that is hidden from us, the kind of da’as which unifies the many different types of da’as that everyone has?

“The main part of the redemption is to be redeemed from one’s selfish ego…the purpose of the redemption is that everyone should recognize Hashem; it is about revealing Hashem, not revealing one’s “I”…This is the depth of ahavas Israel, which is the secret of the final redemption…you leave your ego for the sake of integrating with the rest of the Jewish people… to integrate in unison with Him, who is the only One Who exists.”

Chapter 14: How You CAN Leave the Exile:
(Adapted from the drasha "Bein HaMitzarim, 018 From Exile to Redemption)

Hashem is called makomo shel olam, "Place" of the world.  He is the true "place" that we need to connect to.  We have to leave our connection to the good and evil mixture in this world and connect to Hashem.  We can leave the exile right now and gain da'as by connecting to Hashem wherever we are.

Ain od Milvado: There is nothing besides Hashem:

To understand this we need to nullify our "I"- erase our ego completely: go from ani ("I") to ayin (nothing).

How do we nullify our senses, our sense of self/ "I"?

Through emunah: realizing that our senses are only part of a bigger picture and there are infinite things above our comprehension, then we leave our view from the space of our senses and instead attach to the Ein Sof of Hashem.

There is a special chamber in the Heavenly chambers for those longing to become integrated with Hashem- work on realizing more and more Ain od Milvado.

But you can't get there by thinking about it- only through deveikus= a soul experience.  This chamber is actually the inner chamber of Moshiach because at the core of the Torah is Ain od Milvado.

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