Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Review from motzai Shabbos

Here we are, Elul, in the field with our Beloved....  (My favorite parts of the day in a field=  sunrise and sunset)

Last week we discussed how to use teshuva inwardly.  This week we added the idea of creating a vision of who we want to be in this new year, so that we have a map to follow in order to get there.  

We looked at three parts of ourselves; emotional, spiritual, and physical, and wrote one thing we wanted to see changed in each area.  Then we added one small step to take in each area, in order to get there, iyH. 

Someone mentioned that they sometimes feel stuck- one of our chabura members emailed this idea when she feels stuck: 

"I tell Hashem that I am stretching my arms as much as possible in His direction, but, since His arms are longer; I request that He also reach towards me and help bring me closer".

This is a similar idea to what we discussed about drawing Hashem into our actions, thoughts, and feelings.  Whenever we turn to Him and allow Him in, the entire situation shifts.  We simply need to take that step.

Some beautiful shiurim sent to me about Elul that I have had the chance to listen to so far (in case any of you have free time;)

1.Rabbi Wallerstein on Torah Anytime and 
2. Rav Moshe Weinberger on YU Torah. 
3."Dixie YidI Only Have Eyes for You - Elul - Rav Moshe Weinberger's Shabbos Morning Drasha - Ki Seitzei

Looking forward to this motzai Shabbos,

and ever hopeful for the geulah, 

Aviva Rus

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