Sunday, September 6, 2015

Last night...

was our final class until after the chagim, IYH, we should meet by the third Bayis!

We spoke about teshuva and why we aren't doing it, even though we know how important it is.  The class was recorded so please listen to all the brilliant thoughts that our holy chaburah soul sisters shared.   One chaburah member added that whatever reason we aren't doing teshuva, we should set aside time, starting now (even a minute a day) to actually do the four steps of teshuva, even if we don't feel like it.

We also discussed the concept of silence (and then this email from came my way and I just have to share it)

There are things that are important to us, so we speak about them.

There are things so important to us that the words flow out in a burst of emotion, rich words, expressive and vibrant.

And then there are things that shake us to the core. 

Things that do not care for the mind's permission or for the right words—for the mind cannot fathom them, the most poignant words could not contain them. 

Things that can only break out in a cry, in a scream, and then in silence.

This is the sound of the shofar: The very core of our souls crying, "Father! Father!"

Wishing you a kesiva vechasima tova, 

B'ahava gamur, 

Aviva Rus

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