Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The KING is in the Field

"All the changes that we are looking for will not happen out there until they first happen inside.  

This means that the redemption will come through our heart, our consciousness.  

For we, our neshamot (souls), are the inner reason that Hashem created the world.  

The world exists only as a stage upon which we can meet Hashem in a very special way.  

What do we need to look for as the redemption process accelerates?  

Openings in our consciousness, knowings, realizations (at first, ever so faint).  

Eventually, the stirrings will get so strong that we will look at one another and say,  "Do you feel what I feel? Do you hear that?  Is that the still small voice of Eliyahu?  Is that his shofar I hear? 

It's starting to break through into physical time and space! The world is beginning to shake."

Taken from our summer reading: Days of Awe, by Rabbi Sutton

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