Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Elul is coming and that means...

We will be resuming our learning together, IY'H.

Please let me know if motzai Shabbos works for you, or if you like 6 am NY time instead.

I just read an article by Rebbetzin Heller in this week's Hamodia.  In it she describes a class that she gives, "Moshiach and the Revival of the Dead".  

The Rebbetzin's words:

"The Messianinc era isn't the stuff of sci fi.  The era will be not be a supernatural one.  It will be the very same world we know today with one critical difference:  We will be conscious of Hashem's presence.  Corruption of human nature, selfishness, violence, and prejudice will no longer be an accepted part of daily life."

As Elul approaches, let's think about how we can change something in our lives so that we are conscious of His presence - even more.  What's one thing we can do to make this happen, to pull human kind into the next era?

If you have any ideas re. what we should learn together next- that brings this concept to the fore, please let me know.  When we met as a group and meditated during the 9 days, that was one way.  When we learned a sefer together and chose an avodah to do, that was another way.  Maybe a synthesis of the two....

One chaburah member finished the sefer by Rav Sutton, perhaps she can outline the main points for us so we can review the 'Days of Awe' manuscript as well...

Looking forward to hearing from you (phone or

b'ahava, aviva rus

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