Monday, March 2, 2015

Please join us in completing the sefer Tehillim on Purim as a united group

Thank you Reitza Sarah for the Tehillim spread sheet:


Remember on Motzai Shabbos when we spoke about the Inner Alter discussed in Parshas Tetzaveh- (regarding how the ketores/ incense burned inside where nobody was there to witness it, aside from the kohen hagadol)?  

In Likutei Sichot, vol 1 (171-172), the Rebbe says this is to show that the most important part of one's avodah is in our private service with Hashem, when we "exhibit generosity, without publicity, purely because it is the right thing to do."

Rav Gamiliel, in his sefer on Emunah, has a section on PURIM (pg 383).  Look at this amazing section that ties into the "innermost chamber".  

"Chazal have taught that every time in the Megillah the word melech/king or hamelech/the king is mentioned alone (without mentioning Achashveirosh), it is a remez to the King of all kings/Hashem" (Esther Rabbah 3:10, Abba Gurion 1)

Hence, when the pasuk states (4:2) : And Mordechai came as far as before the gate of the king, for it was forbidden to enter the gate of the king dressed in sackcloth, it refers to Hashem's gate.

What do we learn from this? 

"In the innermost chambers of Hashem Yisboroch there exists no distress, anguish, or "harsh" decrees... everything there is understood to be all for the benefit of Klal Yisrael".  

We understand now why Mordechai could not enter in sackcloth- it would be absurd!



we experience that innermost space inside of ourselves and Hashem's inner chamber, the above conscious, lishma/ (inner geulah), all is for Hashem and not for our "I" self at all- and this takes us to the understanding that in the innermost chamber cursing haman and blessing Mordechai are interchangeable because in the innermost chamber it is seen through the "clear and untainted light" that it is all for our benefit and therefore, only happiness and joy reign in the innermost chamber.

May the JOY be felt by all and herald the geulah from within and without.

Love, aviva rus

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