Monday, December 16, 2013


I enjoyed the chaburah(s)- thank you.  It was so amazing to hear voices from so long ago!

For the class from 12-1230 here are the things i hope to cover next week:

Chapter 2 in Da Es Atzmecha and Sections 20-30 in Bilvavi 1.

Our avodah this week is to remind ourselves:

I am a neshama in a body and my purpose in this world is to have deveikus to Hashem. (stay tuned for a card with both of these statements somehow on it)

For class 2, we will begin at 1245 instead of 1230 (thank you Yocheved for that idea).

Next week please read pages 11-18 in Da Es Nafshecha and i will hopefully try to do a few minutes of the Jewish Meditation sefer so that we can finish it over time and each of us can find what works for us to quiet our minds and sense our neshama.

Below is the phrase i was trying to remember during class 1...

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