Sunday, December 22, 2013

Outline for Chaburah at 12 ny time

Tomorrow IyH we will be continuing in Da es Atzmecha and Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh book 1:

Da es Atzmecha:
Getting to Know Your SELF:
Pages 27-39

Changing our perspective from:

1.I see myself as a body (then I am already dead-no spiritual energy)

2. When I feel emptiness inside myself, I fill myself with material items and/or busy myself with other things to distract self from the discomfort of emptiness =pleasure for a few days at the most. (akin to a deathly ill person =gosses).


1. I am converting- new identity (smashed car example); I am no longer a body, I am a soul in a garment called a body.

2. I am changing through a gradual internal process based on a plan of daily action (one brick at a time).


pages 40-50

(Chapter 2 is about hachna'ah- subjugation of body to soul in consciousness.)


1.There are 3 forms of expression; thoughts, feelings, actions. These can come from the soul or the body.

2. Chazal: a person's real essence-soul- is only good. Positive thoughts, feelings, and actions come from here.

The neshama is eternal, pure and clean.

3.Yetzer hara: external force that covers a person's essence and motivates him to act improperly. All negative thoughts, feelings and actions come from here.

4. You only have to uncover the good that is already within you-
Hashem planted it in each person.  "There is no need to acquire good behaviors, good qualities, and good feelings".  You are all of those things- it is your true essence.

Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh, Book 1

   19.    Mesillas Yesharim: examine and scrutinize/evaluate your deeds to perform them in a more meaningful way and get rid of the deeds that must be stopped

    20.   Realize clearly that without the desire to feel and/or the feeling of closeness to Hashem, it is as if we are  dead.

   21.     What does closeness to Hashem mean? "no place is devoid of Him"; sensing Him with our heart

    22. 23.  It is something that anyone can understand and achieve. If we don't know what cleaving to Hashem means, then we have no understanding of our purpose in life.

       24. One can learn Torah and do mitzvos and still not have a "place for the light of Hashem to rest and to have Hashem dwell in their hearts” there are steps we need to take

    25.   The yh tries to keep us very busy in or habits and/ or tries to convince us that it is beyond our comprehension and we should wait until Gan Eden to experience closeness to Hashem or that we will feel it eventually if we keep doing mitzvos.

    26.    Dovid Hamelech said :”as for me, closeness to Hashem is my good” and chazal say “there is no place devoid of Him” -how do we reconcile these two statements?!

    27.    Two types of closeness: a. spatial  b. familial
    28.  spatial doesn't guarantee familial and familial doesn't guarantee spatial closeness/ with emotional closeness- there is closeness in the souls but may not be evident each moment- not always thinking about it.

    29.    spatially we are close to Hashem (no place devoid of Him), familial (we are His children), friendship (do not forsake your Friend and your father's Friend)pg 36

    30.    Although we are close in every way, we don't sense it or feel it.We might know of spiritual closeness but may rarely feel it.

Homework: finish chapter 2 in da es atzmecha
do next ten 30-40 in Bilvavi book 1
and continue downloading into consciousness the card that Reitza Sarah designed.  

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