Saturday, July 13, 2013

No chaburah this Monday, erev Tisha B'av

OR next Monday, July 22.

Please keep up the hisbodedus  (see post from a few days ago)

I will IYH, post the outline for the next time we meet in a few days.

Email me with any questions or thoughts,

love, aviva rus :)))

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  1. It rises slowly over the mountain top
    it's light begins to glow and illuminate the darkness
    we see it's rays
    we anticipate it's light
    we blink and it appears
    as if suddenly

    we anticipate and wait for Moshiach
    feeling and yearning for your presence
    for your light
    for the geulah
    for yeshuos, clarity, and comfort
    and like the sun-rising over the mountain top he too, will suddenly appear.

    Based on a beautiful discussion with my cousin as she described the coming of Mashiach by her grandfather Rav Shimon Shwab zt"l.