Thursday, February 21, 2013

Final Countdown

The fast has begun.  

We are davening now for the lives of our klal (for the next intense three days). 

Things seem to be moving at a fast pace, yet if you slow down to breathe deeply, you can feel stillness beneath the surface.

These last three days, let's do it together.  In every moment that we are in, in every tefilah that we say, pause, and feel that connection that you have to Hashem.  In that space of quiet, don't try to analyze it, let it be and surrender all of the worry and disconnected thought to Hashem.

Remember the power of tefilah on Purim is extraordinary.  (If you can- wake up early on Purim and daven vasikin with a minyan) 

Please join me for extra Purim inspiration and reciting the entire sefer tehillim at my house at ten pm after megilah reading motzai Shabbos. (or call in to 530-881-1200 access code: 1091004#)

May all your tefilos be answered l'tova.

Have a beautiful Shabbos and freilichen Purim, aviva rus

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