Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 6/5 countdown

(I am trying to download special techinos for taanis Esther but it's not working, so anyone that wants a copy, let me know and i will email to you.)

Yes! Amalek is trying to make us feel weary.  All around we see our brothers and sisters in painful, difficult situations.  Amalek tells us to give up and take the easy way out.

We feel covered in darkness.

BUT, the game is almost up.

We are removing the mask this Purim and revealing what is real.

It is like the sunrise, the way we will be redeemed, little by little the lights appear, and then darkness and then a fiery, blazing, blinding light. (Rabbanit Yemima/ YerushalmiBrachot 1:2)


Is Hashem among you or not?

If so, let go, and let Him lead you to the emes of who you are and where He is in your life.  

And then start making choices from there.

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