Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bilvavi 2, chapter 8:

The Hearts ability to feel truths:

Constant thought enables one to recognize Hashem's existence:

We need a firm foundation to build anything in the soul.

How to begin: contemplate the existence of things in any areas (see examples on pages 53,54)i.e, sitting at a bus stop so look at a tree:  think all the way back to the first tree and how it came to be - study Bereishis to see the account of creation.

We are made up of two parts: Intellect and heart.  To penetrate the heart, need to speak its language- this is divine service "take wisdom and undertanding and see to it that they will lead to daas, the knowledge of the heart".

Instilling the truth in the heart as a father teaches his son: thousands of times a day, because our heart understands at the level of a small child. Learn Torah and also cause the "most basic truth to penetrate your heart,=there is a Creator"

Just as a child needs to grow up in a house infused with emunah, so too our hearts need this infusion.

It's a progression to penetrate the heart like Rabbi Akiva saw with the water on the rock.  We can't jump to lofty ideas.  For the heart to feel, it builds drop by drop.

When we have inner clarity about the existence of Hashem, and think of Him every half hour, move forward in your growth.

How do we know if we are there?

1. Superficial: external reminders like an alarm clock, or less external like a mental habit.
2. Deep Understanding: Wells up inside of you- to recollect Hashem.
a. mind vs b. soul- which one is speaking?when you are calm, see what thoughts arise automatically, if impure, then soul is still covered.

ask another person to check your honesty with yourself (tripod) and most important ask Hashem for help tht our remembrance of Him should not only be from the intellect but from the depths of our soul.

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