Thursday, September 20, 2012

Aseres Yemei Teshuva and Shabbos Shuva (Return)

"Change the present now, and you will have changed the past along with it."


It is a new year! With it comes all new moments!!!! 

This week we are doing teshuva on anything that is left so that come yom kippur we are a new people, hopefully committed to living with a renewed and stronger relationship to Hashem.

In this week's parsha, Vayelech, Hashem tells Moshe to write down the Torah and  a song, which Rashi says is referring to the first 43 pasukim of Haazinu (next weeks Torah portion).

Hashem says we should "place this song in our mouths" (31:19). Why? What is this song???

It is a song of Hashem's vastness and magnificence, what He has done for us and what He will continue to do for us.  

What is the song of our own that we can offer to Hashem?

The Ksav Sofer tells us that the Torah commands us to write our own Torah. "Even if one's parents left him a Torah scroll, it is proper to write one for himself." (sanhedrin 21a).  How do we write our own? "by toiling to seek new insights on our own, so that they act as spiritual sustenance for our soul when we arrive in the World to Come".

This is our year to reveal the Torah scroll inside each of us.

Let's daven to Hashem that He show us how to shine our unique light and then of course, He will forgive us for the past, knowing we are striving to grow close to Him every moment!  After all, that is exactly what He asks of us!

I wish you a year filled with the sound of your song.

Gmar Chasima Tova.

Lots of Love, aviva rus

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