Sunday, August 29, 2021

A new year

On Rosh Hashana wo/man is created.  With that comes our ability to choose Hashem- a capacity only humans have/ ratzon/ will, and to coronate Him as our king.

When thinking about what self work I want to do for the upcoming year, many possibilities come to mind.  However, when I pare it down to this question: What's stopping me from crowning Him and feeling Hashem in each moment of my day?, clarity is more readily available.

What's holding me back from awareness? Where are my thoughts when I am doing an action that could connect me to Him? 

We've learned over the past 9 years together who we are and why we are here, now the question is, how to live fully as our true beautiful essence/neshama.  We have begun taking steps, now we just have to tweak, hone in, and expand on the final part of feeling, sensing, growing closer every moment.  

For me it begins with breath, connecting to Hashem as He blows life into me in that moment, thanking Him for it, and being humbled by the gift.  The shofar is the ultimate blowing act of renewing us with a new capacity of life- Hashem is breathing life into us for another year- He breathes potential for life that we thought wouldn't be possible. In that moment we can ask Hashem to bring us back to the reality of our true essence and to be able to love from that space only.

This is the geulah from within.  It's within reach for each of us.  This year let's do it.  

Wishing you all a kesiva vechasima tova and may we meet at the third bayis, speedily, in our days.

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