Friday, October 16, 2020

Good Shabbos B'reishis!

HI! What a year already!!! It was amazing to celebrate with some of you at our simcha. BH.  It's been topsy turvy the whole way- with the masks, social distancing, outdoors, change of venues etc...

I think about the idea of light and dark and it is clear to me that just as Hashem is creating light, He is also creating dark.  In which case, within the dark we can find Hashem.  In truth, wherever we turn, there He is.  The only thing required of us, is to look for Him.  

Step 1. acknowledge this truth

Step 2. Want to see Him

Step 3. Ask Him to show you how -if you're not sure

Step 4. start looking for HIM 

As Tzvi Freeman says below so beautifully:

Be Light

By Tzvi Freeman

The mandate of the whole of Creation is stated almost immediately.

They translate it as “Let there be light.”

But it is better translated as, “It should be light.”

Meaning that all the world—even the darkness—should become a source of light and wisdom.

And that mandate He put in our hands.

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