Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Elul Ba

                                           Time for Introspection.

You may say- We did that the last six months in quarantine!

But- Elul has a special power of clarity and teshuva.

Take a deep breath and make a list of what you see yourself doing, thinking, feeling, that you would like to see change.  Make a list of what you do, think, feel, that you want to hold onto this year. Thank Hashem for allowing you to have that and for giving you this opportunity to let go of what is blocking your relationship.

After introspection comes the action of the :

4 steps

Turn away from that thing that is making you feel distant from yourself and Hashem, Regret it, Apologize to yourself/soul and to Him, Plan for the future (one small step).  

Forgive yourself as you ask for His forgiveness. 

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