Thursday, October 26, 2017

Good Shabbos- Parshas Lech Lecha

While we are waiting for the global geulah to arrive, Hashem is sending us many ways to learn how to step into our own personal redemption.

There is Rabbi Schwartz's monthly call- called Inner Redemption, Rabbi Cable's -Living in the Present- weekly call, and even a daily 5 minute learning with Rabbi Shmuel Braun (available on sound cloud and whats app- if you have whatsapp and need help joining please email me with your phone number and I can ask him to add you in).

Even more, we have the Torah,  the weekly Parsha, our guide in moments of darkness.  This week Nesivos Shalom asks questions of the pasuk: lech lecha el artzecha... (Bereishis;12,1)

Why does the pasuk say "lech-go" instead of "tzei -go away from" as the pasuk in parshas noach used "tzei min hateiva" go from the ark.  What's the difference in these words?

Why does the Pasuk start telling Avraham to leave his land and then tell him to leave his parents home- usually when one leaves a city, they must leave the home first and then leave the city?

Nesivos Shalom quotes Rashi and other meforshim as saying; The Torah is teaching us about a spiritual journey.  In order to feel  taanug (pleasure) from deveikus with Hashem, one must first separate from the land's customs and contaminations (each land and neighbor has influences that we may not see with our eyes but seeps into us), and then the pasuk says to go away from the inherited customs (minhagim)  from our ancestors, and finally, to leave his parent's homes.  The things we learn from our parents homes are deeper within us and more difficult to uproot.  

Back to the first question- why use the word lech instead of tzei... the word tzei means go out- without a specific destination.  However, Hashem is sending Avraham to a specific destination- the "land that I will show you"- the whole purpose of his going away from these places is to come the the place Hashem will show him, because in coming to that place - spiritually and physically, there will be the taanug in deveikus to Hashem.

May we all be zoche to leave the impurity of our surroundings- wherever they may be found- and reach the land that brings us taanug in Hashem.

Love, aviva

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