Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shovevim Begins

Increasing our purity in these weeks sounds like an onerous task.  How much can one person do- we might think to ourselves.

However, I heard Rabbi Kalish of Waterbury speak this week, where he showed a way to increase one's purity in a totally different way.  Based on the pasuk in Avos: "yafe torah im derech eretz, sheyigias shneihem mishgachas avon" - special is one's toiling in torah and derech eretz (chesed)- they bring one to forget the sin.

Rather than thinking about what impure things to stay away from, attach yourself to something pure, Torah, chesed, bein adam l'chaveiro, bein adam l'makom- pick something that fills you up with satisfaction in these areas and the purity will come on its own.

Here's to an amazing six weeks of shovvim.

Good Shabbos, 

Aviva Rus

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