Sunday, November 27, 2016

Recap of Sunday night Rosh Chodesh Shiur

Thank you to the ladies who inspired all of us last night!

Here is a recap of what we did:

Gitty sang and Rifka played guitar- talented ladies!

Shoshy is organizing a five minute a day learning for forty days- for women who need a shidduch or for any other personal yeshua.  Email her at

Ilana Yehudis discussed how we can dissolve negativity that we may feel in  life as learned from Rabbi Nivin.  She is available to work one on one if anyone has a specific issue they would like to work through to be able to find the light that is being blocked by the negativity.  Contact me for her phone number-

Tzipora taught us about a concept she learned from Rav Doniel Katz- Elevation Seminars- machshova/midos spiral and how our thoughts cause our emotions and how when we begin to observe this phenomena we can begin to detach and make choices from a higher plane of consciousness: daas.  This, in turn, can lead us out of our dark constricted consciousness and into the light of kislev.

spoke about Kislev and it's power : sleep.  (This is different from it's mazal- keshet/rainbow)

Rav Schwartz gave many classes on this concept.

What is sleep?

a. It is the space where we leave our thoughts and emotions and are able to be in contact with our self before the thoughts and emotions.  It allows us to sense stillness.

b. It is a space where we dream.  Dreams sometimes reveal our hidden desires.  From this we can access deeper clarity into ourselves.  This self knowledge is an essential step to our personal redemption (Rav Moshe Weinberger shiur about self knowledge bringing personal redemption can be found on

c. The Bais Hamikdash is compared to sleep.  How is this possible?  There wasn't much sleep going on there!  The Vilna Gaon answers that the Bais Hamikdash was built on the land of shevet (tribe of) Benyamin (Rochel Imeinu had mesirus nefesh to give birth to him and died in the process) and on the very spot of akeidas yitzchok (yitzchok was moser nefesh on that spot, as well).  
The point is- to re-aquire the beis hamikdash we can do so through mesirus nefesh.  

How are we able to be moser nefesh daily in action nowadays?

  Every time we go to sleep, we are giving our soul back into Hashem's hand.  That is our opportunity.

This month of Kislev, let's do this consciously, together to IYH bring back the lights of the geulah, the lights of the third bais hamikdash's menorah.

Love, aviva

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