Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Outline from Inner Redepmtion continued...

Chapter 10: Knowing Your Soul- A Personal Redemption:
(adapted from sefer Da Es Menuchasecha, Chapter 6)

There are two ways to look at something:
1. superficially- a partial view
2. an inner kind of vision- seeing the whole picture from above

To attain the second kind of vision, one needs calm and quiet= living with inner silence (can be compared to looking inside and ocean of still waters versus number 1- which is looking through crashing ocean waves).

How can we leave all the confusion?  If we are controlled by our emotions, the only way to get free is by a helper who is not trapped by emotions.

When we learn how to separate ourselves from the need for emotional excitement- we can begin to see from above.  Then we can see our own soul- as well as the souls of others.
(This is why many therapists can’t help, since they are viewing from inside themselves, and cannot see the picture from above).  

“All problems, physical or spiritual, are really because people don’t understand their souls….Right now we have to work hard in our avodas Hashem…In the future, we will all see the big picture.  Ramchal writes that the purpose of the world is to reveal Hashem’s ways and this will be when Hashem shows us the big picture of everything….When a person succeeds in knowing his soul, he will experience a personal redemption.  The secret to all of avodas Hashem is inner silence.  Through inner silence, we can reveal our soul.”

Reasons we may be lacking inner silence: (Please reflect on what is destroying your inner calm)

1. weaknesses (destroys our menuchas hanefesh) or talents (can distract us form being balanced)
2. desires- running after things
3. rapid actions- working fast- causes lack of menuchas hanefesh
4. amazement: constant highs in emotion causes a disconnect
5. too many roles: doing too many things even for good causes

6. thinking too much and loud noises (even speaking to someone who is very nervous)

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