Thursday, May 28, 2015

What now?

For seven weeks we counted and worked on ourselves to arrive at  that moment in time when we are all united in naaseh v'nishma, when we taste the space of inner silence and oneness with Hashem.  

Now what?  I asked myself this question over and over again, when Shavuous was over.  

In this week's Parsha Naso, the pasuk (7: 29) gives us direction: "Moshe would come to the ohel moed so Hashem could speak with him, he would hear His voice."  

We don't hear Hashem's voice loud and clear every moment (as that would take away our free will), but each of us stood at Har Sinai - 'each of us heard Hashem's voice somewhere and at some time, however fleetingly’- 

Now our job is to transmit it to 'the rest of time and space.' (Words of Wisdom, 288; Likutei Sichot, vol. 13 pp22-23)  We can pause, reflect on what we have heard, and begin to live it and give it over in that way, one small practical step at a time.

That is a noble task indeed!

I hope you had a fulfilling Shavuous!

There will be no chaburah this week.  I don't want to begin something new until all the outlines are finished and reviewed.

Have a beautiful Shabbos.

Love, aviva rus

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