Thursday, April 2, 2015

A few more ideas...

Leaving Egypt
Nissan 12, 5775 · April 1, 2015

The biblical slavery of Egypt represents bondage to your own self.
Every day, every moment, must be an exodus from the self. 
If you’re not leaving Egypt, you’re already back there.

That is lishma!!! We can touch this space at the seder. IyH!
Total surrendering all that we are to Hashem- so much so, that it won't matter what we feel- it only matters that in each moment we are doing His will. 

(I am posting from my phone - it might be very small letters. If so, I am sorry!!)

Here's what Tzipira Harris says to think about while at the seder:

Matzoh: just flour and water: represents the soul; while eating it, think simple thought like: "Hashem I only want to do Your will!"

Maror: bitter herbs: represents our lower drives; while eating this, silently ask Hashem to help you submit them to Him (in your own words)

Korech: matzoh-Maror- matzoh; highest level is to take the soul and bring it through the physical world/drives and raise them back up to Hashem.  Ask Hashem to help and give clarity how to do this.

There's so much more to share- but I have to go cook and get ready. 

I hope you each have a phenomenal Yom tov and that we all will meet this Pesach by Bayis III:))

Love, Aviva Rus 

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