Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy Chanukah! and Good Shabbos!


I have pre-recorded a class for this motzai Shabbos that Shira will be sending to you, b'ezras Hashem, (thank you Shira).  Now we have finished the first two sections in Bilvavi 1 and the first three chapters in our handbook.

Here is our avoda for the next few weeks.

From Bilvavi:

1. Remember that our purpose in this world is to have deveikus to Hashem.

2. Remind ourselves that there is a Creator of this world and He created everything.

From  our handbook:

3. one to three times a day ask yourself:

"Why am I doing this? Is it for me/my ego or am I doing it to serve Hashem and reveal Him in the world? (this is geulah mentality)

Here is my thank you letter to you, in case you didn't receive it yet.

To my dearest soul sisters;

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

Your gifts, your words, your efforts, your thoughts, have rendered me speechless.

 I was completely shocked to see Reitza Sarah handing me a gift from all of you.  Perhaps because I don’t think you realize that you have already given me a gift every week by learning with me and bringing your beautiful light into the world for me to be in awe of!  I wish I can give you each a gift back so that you can feel the love you sent me, flowing back to you.  It is precious and humbling, sweet and strong, all at the same time!

Thank You Hashem for bringing these beautiful neshamos into my life.  

Each one of you is magnificent and noble.  

I am so thankful that you have allowed me to share in your journey in this world and to grow with you in serving Hashem. 

May all the love and deveikus we are striving to share, herald the geulah- b’korov, b’yameinu,

Love, aviva rus

ps. Thank you Shira, Reitza Sarah, and Hindy for organizing this special moment.  

Each of you have mentioned to me how special you think each of you are and Shira said this has been the best experience she’s ever had- in working with all of you!  
                                the gift

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