Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Good Shabbos!

(No class until further notice- i am waiting to hear from everyone regarding times and days that are good for you- especially because i don't know if i will be recording this new series).

We discussed in class how the Pasuk in Parshas Vayeira states that Avraham "stood over them (the malachim/angels) and they ate"(18;8).  

We saw from the daily dose that in order for the malachim to partake in the physical world, to eat in this case, a human being has to raise the physical into the spiritual realm (kavana on the brachos before we eat, accomplishes this for food).    This actually creates malachim as well ( this concept is discussed in Rabbi Nivin's, Advanced chaburah class).

Look at the power Hashem has given us!

Furthermore, every moment in our lives is defined by our ability to bring our unique light, our connection to Hashem, into the world.  

How do we see this in this weeks Parsha? 

Avraham refused to take any spoils from the war he fought against S'dom to save Lot.  


He knew who he was, what his unique light was - a man of chesed bringing constant kiddush Hashem into this world, and Avrohom didn't want to "cover up" his real self.  If he would have taken things from S'dom, the king could have said "I made Avraham rich" (Divrei Chaim from Shem m'Shmuel).   
Avrohom would have become covered up because where would the "kiddush Hashem from chesed" be achieved?

Sometimes, it's really hard to know who we really are and how to bring our light into the world.  Yet, if we each have some sort of Elul plan to look at, then we have an arrow that points us in the direction toward the light inside each of us.

The Parsha is teaching us, every action we take has power and go inward to know which action is the next one that should be taken.  May Hashem bless us with the clarity to know how to achieve both of these steps.

B'ahava, aviva rus

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