Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Letter From Rabbi Nivin- he is starting a new Elul class for $1. if anyone has not taken it yet.

I am excited to announce to the Chabura community that our new Women’s 5775 Chabura for new participants is starting in just under 3 weeks, on Wednesday, Aug 27 at 12 pm ET / 7 pm IT. And for the first time ever, we are offering the Elul Program to new participants for just $1! (See below for details.)

First of all I wanted to remind you as I wrote in a previous email that the Elul curriculum has been totally rewritten and upgraded for the upcoming Elul Zman. The program (which you will be experiencing as well) is more powerful, practical and focused than in previous years. It also overcomes certain misunderstandings which have occurred in the past. 

In addition to the regular level 1 curriculum, the upgraded Elul Curriculum will also include:
  • Tafkid (purpose) in the moment
  • Understanding how serious life challenges fit in 
  • Understand how to live in the moment and follow the Hashgacha Pratis (Divine Providence)
  • Making a value statement that will guide us during the year
  • Generational Yeud
  • How to make your daily activities much more pleasurable and meaning
  • New Workshops never before used in the regular Chabura program 

The new material will, G-d willing, alter the day to day life of your friends taking the program in a profound and meaningful way. 

The most amazing news is that the new Women’s 5775 Elul program will be practically given away for free. In this upcoming program the total price for the month of Elul (which includes 4 classes and the Rosh HaShanah drasha) will be $1. 

If a participant wants to cancel, all she has to do is inform us by our cut off date (9/20/14) and she still gets the whole month of Elul for $1.

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