Thursday, December 20, 2012


we've looked into the candles, davened for clarity, and tried to do teshuva to the best of our ability.

Now what?  Where's the geulah- you may ask.

The answer; it begins within you.

A perfect example is in this weeks parsha.

Parshas Vayigash: 

Yehuda, the brother who originally had the idea to sell Yoseph, now stands opposite Yoseph and begs for his brother, Benyamin's life.

He even says "take me instead, for I could not bear to see the misery which my father would suffer."

Yehuda has done complete and total teshuva.  Yehuda's name Lehodot means to give thanks, as well as, to admit and confess (vidui).

He is the first person in the Torah to show us the complete change that happens in one, when they do teshuva.  From cold and unfeeling, he turns into a man of much emotion and compassion.

This, then, is our compass.  Chanukah is over.  Who are we now?  Am I living as if I have done teshuva or am I still in the same place?  Have i changed at all, even in the smallest way.

Since I know most of you, I can answer for you - yes! BH! The geulah process has begun!

Good news ladies! A new chaburah in two weeks iyH, stay tuned for a post of  the plans for it- next week.

Good Shabbos!!!! love, aviva rus

parsha insights based on article by Rabbi Sacks of London 

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