Sunday, August 27, 2017

G-d direct Torah...

With tremendous gratitude to HaKadosh Baruch Hu, I present you with the latest Elul edition of G-d Direct Torah..
Please indulge me - I know there's much more information here than I usually post but there is just so much unbelievable learning going on for Elul and diverse ways of deepening in our relationship with HaKadosh Baruch Hu this month, I can barely keep track of it all. So to help you keep track, here is what I know of "What's Going On for Elul":
*First of all, starting September 17th, a new series with Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh author Rabbi Itamar Schwartz called "Inner Redemption". Learn how to gain access to your inner world, redeeming yourself from within and as more of us experience the "Geula from Within", the closer we all are to living in a redeemed world all around us. More information can be found on the home page.
*Next, I'd like to introduce you to Rabbi Yosef Farhi. Rabbi Farhi is a Torah life coach who uniquely combines coaching concepts with Torah and shows us how our ancient wisdom relates to our everyday modern lives. Rabbi Farhi comes from a long line of Syrian Jews who were and continue to be "moser nefesh" for the Sephardi Jewish community in particular, and for Klal Yisrael at large. Starting soon after the chagim, Rabbi Farhi will be taking his heretofore wisdom that, up until now he has shared with thousands of dedicated readers primarly via his popular Thinkingaboutme weekly parsha sheets, and taking this wisdom to the next level. He will be giving over these "Torat chaim" life principles that Hashem is communicating to us every week from the Parsha and sharing them with a new phone chaburah community we are building. LISTENto this sample from this week's Parshat Shoftim and see for yourself how Rabbi Farhi makes the Torah and our connection to Hashem come alive. To register for this upcoming phone series or for more information, contact me. and/or visit his website.
*Starting in two weeks, Rabbi Tzadok Cable will be giving a new phone series learning in depth "Kavanah in our Tefilah." If you're at all like me and you desperately would like to have more of a connection to Hashem while davening, this is a MUST series! Rabbi Cable will be going through each of the brochot of the Amidah, showing us it's depth in meaning, why and how tefilah is structured the way it is, and how to use our davening to maximize our connection to our Creator. To register for this upcoming phone series or for more information, contact me. and/or visit his website.
*If you knew you could change your Elul and as a result your entire year for just $1, would you do it? If yes, so you'll want to check out Rabbi Aryeh Nivin's new Elul series which began this week. As Rav Nivin explains, most people don’t appreciate that the month of Elul is the greatest time of the year to gain self-knowledge and deep personal understanding. Embedded into the fabric of Elul is the opportunity to reach your deepest essence in the most profound way. Unfortunately, Elul gets lost in our summer vacations or our regular work day. Most people would love to experience the power of Elul, but they don’t know how. This year can be different. R’ Aryeh Nivin’s Chaburas for the first time ever is offering three different tracks for connecting yourself and others to Elul in the most profound way. It's still not too late to sign up here.
*And finally saving the best for last, my dear soul friend Nechama Sarah Burgeman will be presenting her 3rd "Getaway Retreat" in her beautiful airy home alongside the forested meadows of the tribe of Dan's territory. The "Princess of Dan"will be guiding us in a very personalized, experiential way to unleash the healing powers of our limbs and muscles. Based on the teachings from her book "The Twelve Dimensions of Israel", Nechama Sarah is guiding us through the yearly cycle, learning how to use our physical bodies as a means to plug into the potential energies inherent in every Jewish month. Join us for the Hilula of Dan ben Yaakov at Kever Dan and a special one day retreat to get us ready for Rosh HaShana. Space is limited to 10 so to reserve your spot or for more details/itinerary, contact me and view our flyer available under More Chiuzk
Also featured in this month's edition, our "G-d Direct" favorites:
▪ Chaya Hinda Allen begins a new series for Elul
▪ Rabbi Moshe Weinberger
▪ Rabbi Yaakov Zalman Labinksy
▪ Rebbetzin Tziporah Harris
▪ Rabbi Avrohom M.Alter and much more!
Chaya Hinda Allen begins a new series for Elul
Rabbi Moshe Weinberger
Rabbi Yaakov Zalman Labinksy
Rebbetzin Tziporah Harris
Rabbi Avrohom M.Alter and much more!
May we all gain tremendous chizuk from this powerful Torah and use these days to prepare us in the best possible way for the upcoming Yomim HaNoraim.
ps keep checking the site between now and throughout Tishrei as I hope to continue updating. Hopefully there's enough on the homepage for now to get you started towards preparing for a great new year!
pps don't forget to check out our More Chizuk tab for some more great chizuk for the Yomim Tovim.

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