Monday, March 26, 2018

"Freedom is a State of Mind"

This  Pesach let's become FREE, IY'H

Three steps to Freedom/geulah: (from shiur by Rabbi Doniel Katz)
 Arizal: when we/Bnei Yisrael are/were in mitzrayim our da'as is/was in galus.

Every Pesach we are elevated from the galus to the state of geulah (please Hashem let us remain there and let everyone experience the geulah from within and without)

da'as: is consciousness of our true self- a pure untainted soul

step 1: leave mitzrayim: become conscious of who we really are; conscious of the distorted beliefs and desires that are not us. Once we have this consciousness- we can begin to feel...

step 2: yishuv hada'as: returning to our true selves (like on Shabbos)- a feeling of connection, calm, happiness, joy which we use to create unity in the physical and spiritual world to achieve...

step 3. Haaras Hada'as: Living on this Divine level every moment- feeling the connection we have to Hashem in our deepest selves. This level is experienced at the Seder, then we are dropped down and have the omer to work our way back up, and IY'H experienced again on Shavuous.  

Stay tuned For Omer work and/or check out Jewish Women Unite.

Please call me if you have any questions.  Chag Kasher Vesameach!

Love, aviva 

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