Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A refuah for Noa Bas Sheila and all the cholim in our lives


Does Hashem need our prayers?

What do our tefilos actually do? 

We know our entire purpose in life is:
To have a relationship with Hashem to have deveikus to HIM

Rav Kalish in his shiur titled, ’sing your song’, states, “to have a profound connection, we need deep seated appreciation”. 

We are alive, BH, so let’s not settle for anything but a profound connection. 

Chazal say we should view this world from this vantage: B’shvili nivrah haolam- the world was created for me. 

Therefore, it stands to reason that tefilah is for me- it can give me this profound connection. 

There is a uniqueness to each of our connections with Hashem,

Rav Salanter said zulas zeh Aino Torah- if you don’t have your own perspective- it’s not Torah. 

And this is the gift of tefilah to each of us, a specifically designed moment in the day when we can be makir tov- recognition of Hashem which gives us this relationship with HIM, gives us eternity. 

It’s where our moments become real and vibrant. 

It’s true this can be done 24/7, by constantly thanking Him and recognizing Him in the moment to moment- mundane life. 

But what about in the siddur, when I am most likely to space out, then I would be missing the greatest gift He has given to me, Himself, awareness of His love within the words of chazal- 

We can actually see Hashem in the moment in the siddur in our relationship to Him. 

In Tehillim 142, Dovid Hamelech states
Break me out of this prison of myself, to thank YOU. 

What breaks us our of our jail- thoughts actions and feelings that hold us hostage? 

l’hodos es shmecha-
when we thank You Hashem. 

Our song begins to change when we are no longer disconnected- when we pick up a siddur or tehillin or chumash and think first: 

What does this mean to me? 

Hashem doesn’t need our payers, we need them to feel a deeper relationship with Him. 

This is my song to You Hashem- this is the recognition I offer to You...

and then IY’H each one of us will feel this eternity, a profound relationship with Hashem.

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