Friday, June 10, 2016

Chag sameach!

Thank you for sending this to us, Daniella!

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ירחמיאל דוד בן לאה
חיה תמר רינה  בת רחל חנה
לע"נ שרה בת ר' מאיר - Michelle Haguenauer

A Thought For Erev Shavuous

The first word of
 the Ten Commandments is
אנכי -  "Anochi" (I am)

which stands for 
Anochi Nafshi K'Tavit Yahavit
 "I [Hashem] 
wrote [expressed the essence of] 
My soul
 and gave it over 
[to you, the Jewish people
 in the Torah]" 

Gemara Shabbos 105a and Zohar

Wishing all of our wonderful readers 
an uplifting Yom Tov of Kabolas Hatorah

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