Monday, March 14, 2016

The mazal of Adar: Dagim (fish)

In our chaburah, we are working on sensing, feeling, thinking, 
seeing Hashem behind everything that is happening 
around us- emulating Esther and Mordechai.
We are learning what the
 steps are 
to join our intellect with emotion 
(mind with heart).   
Below is Torah that shows us how powerful 
this month of Adar is- how we can 
"swim in Divine consciousness"!

The five types of animals that could be brought as sacrifices were cattle, goats, 
sheep, pigeons, and doves. 
Fish are not brought as sacrifices.

Spiritual Walking, Flying, and Swimming

וְאִם מִן הָעוֹף עֹלָה קָרְבָּנוֹ לַה' וגו': (ויקרא א:יד)

[G-d told Moses,] “If someone’s sacrifice to G-d is an ascent-offering of fowl.” 
Leviticus 1:14
Mammals allude to those among us whose 
animal nature is relatively pronounced. 
Fowl, because they can fly, allude to those of us who are less 
“earth-bound,” i.e., who live a more intellectual life and can therefore
 “fly” above a purely animal existence. 
Nonetheless, just as fowl need to periodically rest from flight, 
human intellect is limited by nature. 

Therefore, fowl, like mammals, are used as sacrifices, 
since both our animal natures and our intellects 
need to be spiritually refined and uplifted.

In contrast, fish, which must remain constantly in water, 
allude to those of us who have so refined themselves 
that they remain always connected to G‑d, “swimming” 
constantly in Divine consciousness. 

Since the Divine side of our personality 
does not need the elevation that our animal side does, 
fish are not used for sacrifices.1

Igrot Kodesh, vol. 1, pp. 46–47, 130–131. 

Translated and Adapted by Moshe Wisnefsky    More articles...  |   

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